Jessica Holleque

Minneapolis, MN

Email: jessicaholleque.com

 Artist Statement

Raised in the rural mining region of northern Minnesota, I am continuously drawn to the connection of the human experience as related to their surrounding environment. Being raised where the dominate voice loudly dictated traditional patriarchal values, there was a thinly veiled current of the other, women quietly and privately shaping spaces for themselves. My art has been about uncovering and shedding light to those spaces.

My photography has always been rooted in moments of connection, documenting honest experience, and empowering my subjects.   I have used this intention to photograph weddings, births, families and personal fine art projects. My latest work has followed a string of inquiry into the female artist experience.

Through my ceramics I hope to explore the relationship between treatment of the environment and the injustice and oppression experienced in manufacturing communities. Through my work I explore how exploitation and dominance of land for wealth, is mirrored in social constructs. I am driven by curiosity in the abundant availability and potential of material considered “waste” that comes out of mining processes and how it can be utilized in my work.

Exhibitions & Residencies

Sea Cabinet, collaboration with Theatre Elision, The Southern Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (2019)

Opening, Traveling Curated Exhibit, Grunewald Guild, WA (2019)

Mothers & Makers, Solo Exhibit; Port Angeles Fine Arts Gallery, Port Angeles, WA (2019)

Creative Consultant - Papillion Marketplace; Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2019)

Artist Resident - Ceramics & Photography; Grunewald Guild, Leavenworth, WA (2018)

Artist Resident - Ceramics Focus; Holden Village, Chelan, WA (2018)